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Investment Management and Advising

Investment advisory services are offered through joint efforts with TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc. which is a registered investment advisor. The firm is headed by our former shareholder Doug Nelson, CPA, PFS and is a result of the obvious need for sound investment advice for our clients. We assist clients on a fee only basis and do not accept commissions or soft-dollar arrangements of any form. This eliminates any potential conflicts of interest and provides our clients with the independent, objective advice they have come to appreciate from us.

Modern Portfolio Theory
Modern Portfolio Theory forms the basis of our investment philosophy. Our approach is firmly rooted in the belief that markets are "efficient", and that investors' returns are determined principally by asset allocation decisions, not market timing or stock and bond picking. Clients invest in portfolios that employ a structured strategy designed to capture the return behavior of entire asset classes. We do not forecast business cycles or interest rates, shift between stocks and bonds, or search for "undiscovered opportunities". The basis for this philosophy is well documented in the work of the leading economists of our time (Harry Markowitz, Merton Miller, Eugene Fama, and Kenneth French to name only a few).

Investment Strategies
All of our investment strategies are supported by extensive historical research that documents a reward for taking risk. They are based on three principles: (1) diversification is one of the most important principles of investing (2) investors should be rewarded for the levels of risk taken and (3) separate dimensions of market returns exist which are accompanied by independent sources of risk. Our mission is simple: to make money for our clients by capitalizing on these dimensions. Our goal is not to beat the market, but to produce and implement a sound investment strategy formulated to achieve specific financial objectives.

Personalized Service
Our job is to educate you about asset class investing, and develop a personal investment policy statement, including a specific portfolio allocation to meet your specific objectives. We then work with you to invest your assets according to the allocation and to help you maintain the necessary discipline to ensure long term success. As your CPA firm, we already have a background and history of your financial affairs. This combined with our commitment to objectivity and independence places us in a unique position to serve your wealth accumulation needs.

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